Advisory Panel

Learn about our advisory panel and the work they do below.

In 2019, Kinergy decided to form an advisory panel made up of staff members and former clients to help guide the service and the work we do, and to make improvements for future service users.

In their role, they provide honest feedback as to where and how we can improve our services by reviewing our policies, marketing material, and social media. They also review data and trends to identify issues for concern, and common themes and trends.

If you're interested in joining our advisory panel, you can download our information poster - and you can read more detailed information below!

What do the advisory panel do?

  1. REVIEW: Panel members will review specific policies - both current and new, and will also be invited to review our marketing materials, and social media content.
  2. IDENTIFY: Panel members will look at common themes and trends with a view to how the agency should best meet our clients' needs.
  3. EXPLORE: You will be invited to discuss key developments within the agency. 
  4. FEED BACK: Provide open and honest feedback on Kinergy's services and how you think they might be improved.
  5. ANALYSE: Panel members will review Kinergy's performance data to identify issues for concern.

Who can join the panel and what to expect?

Former clients: The panel will be made up of staff members and former Kinergy clients.
Expectations: We ask that panel members fully engage with us and contribute to our strategies and development plan.
Honesty: We ask that panel members provide frank but constructive feedback on our services.
Equality: Panel members are asked to work constructively with other panel members and staff, with a commitment to equality and diversity.

How often does the panel meet and what can I expect?

  • CONTACT: The panel will meet twice a year as a group during office hours and the meeting times will be announced in advance. The duration of the meetings may vary. If individuals are not comfortable working in a group, you will be given the option of meeting 1-on-1 with a member of staff, or you can communicate with the panel via email.
  • COMMITMENT: If invited to join the panel, your membership will be for two years - with a review after twelve months.
  • EXPENSES: Reasonable expenses will be paid, and refreshments will be supplied at the meetings.
  • LOCATION: All meetings will take place at our base in Mary Carpenter House on Kingswood Foundation Estate.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY: All panel members will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement before assisting the charity.

How do I apply?

You can use the contact form here, or call us on 0117 908 7712.


Mary Carpenter House
Kingswood Foundation Estate
Britannia Road
BS15 8DB

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