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The current waiting list for one-to-one counselling is approximately 14-16 months. We have currently paused new referrals due to a huge increase  during the pandemic. We are working hard to reduce the waiting time and with resume with new referrals as soon as we have.

You can refer yourself or someone else for therapy (provided you have their permission) by calling us on 0117 908 7712 or by completing this form.

Once we have your details, you'll be added to our waiting list. When your name comes to the top of the waiting list, a member of staff will contact you and invite you in for an initial assessment to find out a little bit about you and what you hope to get from counselling.

If you are on our waiting list but you change your contact details, please contact us and let us know. If we don't have the correct contact details for you, this will cause a delay in accessing our services.

Don't panic! Although 'assessment' sounds very formal, this is just a chat between yourself and one of our members of staff to find out a little bit about you and your experiences and to find out what your expectations are for counselling. This is to ensure that you're matched with the counsellor best suited to your needs.

Everyone has a unique experience during counselling, but essentially you will be invited to explore your feelings in a way in which you are comfortable, and at your own pace. Over time, your counsellor will prepare you for the future by helping you build up your resilience and providing you with coping skills.

For one-to-one counselling, we currently offer up to 24 one-hour sessions. Each session is for an hour.

The men's and women's groups run for 12 weeks, and the sessions last for an hour and a half.

Everything discussed between yourself and your counsellor is confidential. There are, however, a few circumstances when we would need to share information regarding what you tell us in accordance with our safeguarding and confidentiality policies which can be found on our policies page. Please note that these policies are periodically reviewed and are subject to change. 

Not unless you tell them or ask us to inform somebody on your behalf that you're attending.

Yes. Provided you're aged 16 or above, we see clients regardless of their sex or gender.

We're an inclusive service and we will see anyone aged 16 and above, living in the Bristol, South Glos., North Somerset, or BANES areas who has experienced sexual abuse or violence - regardless of gender, sexuality, beliefs, or race etc.

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