Our Five Year Focus

In 2019, Kinergy set up a list of goals as part of our five year plan.
You can learn about these goals here.

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To seek additional funding and income streams to support paid work for Kinergy counsellors, whilst in balance with voluntary counsellors. Developing the agency in this way will strengthen Kinergy by holding onto the experience and knowledge that our counsellors offer. Paying counsellors will help with retaining experienced / newly qualified counsellors and will allow us to grow in numbers and help to reduce the waiting list. To ensure we have a supportive and respectful work place for staff and volunteers.


To develop our online profile to increase visibility of our services. To continue our work in building relationships with local authorities and influencers to help shape policies that will support survivors of sexual abuse and the services we provide.


Commitment in offering services that support individuals whilst ensuring we hear clients' voices regarding our services. Developing a client advisor panel to gain valuable insight into what is needed from a clients' perspectives regarding future agency developments (new policies, changes, new groups and ideas). Clarity about what we can provide and in what time frame.


To continue with the development of induction training to best equip counsellors when working in the areas of abuse and trauma. Offer CPD training that meets the needs of the agency and the counsellors.


Having a clear strategy and objectives regarding fundraising. Developing new funding & income streams to help strengthen the position of the agency (eg. room hire and client donations).


To have a measured increase of counsellors which will help with reducing the waiting list. Increase in counsellors will assist in cross pollination of various skills which will strengthen the agency.


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