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Impact Report

These are Key Client Statistics from Kinergy's Service Impact Report.
Figures taken between 1st April 2017 - 31st March 2018.

Of our clients seen in this period:


Experienced childhood sexual abuse


Have experienced adult rape


Have suicidal thoughts


Have attempted suicide

Experienced Anxiety

Experienced Depression

Experienced domestic abuse

Have a physical disability

During the 2017/2018 period, Kinergy offered 2,511 counselling sessions, with a further 101 initial assessments. On average we provided 75 counselling appointments each week.

There was a 14% increase in referrals on the previous year, and a 110% increase since 2009.

Our client's gender statistics:







Location Stats

Kinergy primarily supports client's in Bristol and the surrounding areas. This is how the numbers break down:



South Gloucestershire






When coming to see us, our clients present with:



Sexual abuse (differing from Childhood Sexual Abuse and Adult Rape)


Our Client's Voices

Before looking at the outcomes of our services, we wanted to give a voice to our clients. This gives them an opportunity to tell us how abuse has affected their lives, and allows them to tell us how our service was perceived - and for them to offer advice on what future clients can expect.

These examples have been anonymised for purposes of confidentiality.

How has sexual abuse affected your life?

'Sexual abuse took away the childhood which I never got to enjoy, and made me separate from my family.'

'It completely changed my life! I now question everything and everyone, including myself. I find it tough to trust anyone. It made me question my whole life. I questioned what I thought was right and wrong; I blamed myself. I had no self-worth or confidence in my personal life. It turned my whole world upside down.'

'Abuse left me carrying shame - and with no confidence, lack of self-awareness and very low self-esteem.'

'It's been very hard to deal with. I don't find romantic relationships easy and have to work really hard on my self-worth and confidence. Also, I have anxiety issues. I also suffer nightmares and flashbacks.'

What was the most helpful part of counselling?

'Being able to talk to the same person on a weekly basis. Feeling secure enough to say anything, however hard it is to say, knowing you won't be judged. I told my counsellor stuff I haven't ever been able to tell anyone before. Negative stuff I've carried with me for many, many years.'

'The journey I took with Kinergy was deeply profound. I learnt a huge amount about myself and was provided more tools to help me in future. If anyone has any doubts about finding someone to speak to, they shouldn't because it'll be the most rewarding self-healing you can do.'

'Being able to speak to someone about the sexual abuse who understands. Being given the tools to be able to deal with each day - with each emotion and with each thought. It helped me look at myself and my world in a whole new way. It gave me a new confidence, and I am able to like myself.'

'Having someone to talk to outside my family/friends etc., and helping my process what has happened and dealing with triggers.'

What advice do you have for future clients, including what to expect from coming to Kinergy?

'Future clients can expect life-changing support, care and compassion. The more you can discuss, the better the recovery - [it] changed my life.'

'A warm, welcoming, professional service who are highly professional and supportive.'

'Only you can make the change so give it all you;ve got and work hard to heal yourself but trust me, Kinergy will be that change for the better!'


Our Outcomes

Based on feedback from our clients, we have seen the following outcomes:

Relationships with others had improved


Improvement in day-to-day functioning


Challenged their thinking


Felt positive about the future


Increased ability to cope


Increased self-esteem and confidence


Experienced a positive impact in their mental health


Experienced a positive impact in their physical health


Experienced a positive impact in their employment or education


Decreased the amount of sick days taken at work




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