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Counselling with Kinergy

"The journey I took with Kinergy was deeply profound. I learnt a huge amount about myself and was provided more tools to help me in the future. If anyone has any doubts about finding someone speak to, they shouldn't because it'll be the most rewarding self healing you can do."

- Jessica #KinergySurvivorStories

Kinergy was founded in 1996 and currently offers free one-to-one counselling for up to 24 sessions. We understand that sexual abuse can affect all areas of your life and we aim to provide a safe, accepting, supporting environment, so that you can come to terms with the past, enjoy the present, and look forward to the future.

All of our counsellors are either qualified, or in the process of getting a professional qualification accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Pyschotherapy.

There are 2 ways to access counselling services at Kinergy:

1. Using IAPT services:

If you live in Bristol, you will need to access our counselling service via Bristol Wellbeing Therapies. If you live in South Gloucestershire, you will need to access our services via South Gloucestershire Talking Therapies.

IAPT services offer 13 sessions.

2. By direct referral:

Direct referal allows you to refer yourself or someone else on their behalf (provided you have their permission).

Once we have your details, your name is added to our waiting list and once you come to the top of that list, we will contact you to organise an initial assessment.

The current waiting time is approx. 7 months. If you wish to make a direct referral, please call 0117 908 7712 or complete the form below.

Direct referrals offer up to 24 sessions.

Access Our Services

Please note the approximate waiting list for
one-to-one counselling is 7 months.

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