Group Therapy

Throughout the year we offer different group therapies for survivors of sexual violence and sexual abuse. On this page you can find out more information about our current group therapies on offer. Please note: we have waiting lists for all our group therapies.

Complete a Referral Form if you would like to join our waiting list.

If you would like to join our waiting list for one of our group therapies, please complete our referral form by selecting the link below, and selecting the relevant group option on the form. Should you need any assistance in completing this form, please call the office on 0117 908 7712. 

Please note: completing the form to be added to the waiting list does not guarantee a place. We will be in touch with you once you have reached the top of the list to arrange an assessment. 

Click the links below to move to the section containing information on the group therapy you are interested in.

Somatic Body Mapping

The Somatic Body Mapping Group is an art and body focused group therapy. It allows participants to begin regaining trust and joy in their bodies and creatively explore who they are becoming on their healing journey. You do not need to have any art making skills, only an interest in exploring your creativity.  

  • Running from: This is an 8 week course with a 1 week break in the middle. This group runs twice a year. The next group will be announced soon. 
  • Session frequency: Weekly on Tuesdays from 11am-1:15pm. Each weekly session is 2h and 15minutes long.
  • Open to: Adults of any gender. We ask that you have had 1:1 trauma counselling previously and will be attending individual counselling alongside this group (this does not have to be with Kinergy). 
  • Best suited to: participants who have already started their healing journey and would like to further deepen their connection with themselves. 
  • Groups of: small, closed group of 4 participants and two female facilitators.
  • Where: This group is based at Kinergy (BS15 8DB). This facility is wheelchair accessible.
  • What happens in this group: The facilitators will guide group members through a series of interactive, mindful and creative exercises leading to the making of one’s personal body map. This involves tracing your body outline and filling it with images and symbols that express your inner nature and who you are becoming on your healing journey.


A 12-week trauma informed eco-therapy group for survivors of sexual abuse. A relaxed and supportive space to improve wellbeing through connection and creativity in nature. 

Being in nature can be calming and grounding and it has been proven to improve wellbeing, boost confidence and reduce trauma symptoms. Working in a group outdoors can help us connect with ourselves and others and we can learn from nature too.

We can use creativity to explore our feelings, express ourselves safely and reconnect with our own sense of agency. Being surrounded by nature can feel more comfortable than working in a therapy room and group members are encouraged to take part in a way that feels right for them. 

  • Running from: The first of these 12 week groups started in January 2024 with an aim to run 2 per year. 
  • Session frequency: Weekly on Tuesdays from 12pm-2:30pm. This group will run for 12 weeks. Each weekly session is 2h and 30minutes long.
  • Open to: Adults of all genders, can be accessed alongside other therapy.
  • Where: Grow Wilder, BS16 1EL. This venue is wheelchair accessible. 
  • Groups of: Closed groups of 6 participants and two facilitators. Small, single gender and/or mixed gender groups. 
  • What will happen in this group: The facilitators will guide group members through various outdoor activities focused on improving wellbeing through connection and creativity in nature. Group members will be encouraged to take part in a way that feels right for them. 

Wellbeing Group

The Wellbeing Group is a 3-week online group offering support to participants whilst on the waiting list for 1:1 counselling and group therapy. It offers a chance to explore a variety of coping strategies that aim to reduce trauma symptoms and enhance wellbeing in challenging times. This group is interactive and provides an opportunity to connect and share thoughts with other survivors.
  • Session frequency: 3 sessions over 3 weeks lasting 1h 45min each. Our first group is currently running and there will be a further 5 groups in 2024.
  • Open to: Anyone of any gender who is currently on the waiting list for our 1:1 counselling or other group therapies. 
  • Where: this is an online group.
  • Groups of: up to 8 participants + 2 female facilitators. 
  • What will happen in this group: This is an online group that provides support, wellbeing advice, and a chance to connect with others.

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