We are always looking for dedicated, enthusiastic people to join our team as volunteers, ambassadors and advisory panel members. Please see below.

Charity Ambassadors

Our ambassadors share in Kinergy's desire to break down the silence and taboo of speaking about sexual violence, to give a voice to survivors, and to promote support for survivors to ensure they can heal from their trauma.

- Shouting out about Kinergy and promoting us as a cause in your community
- Helping to boost awareness of Kinergy and the services we offer
- Helping to promote fundraising events and supporting fundraising initiatives
- Sharing your story and giving a voice to other survivors

- There is no set time commitment, you will receive regular contact from our team with information on ways you can help to support Kinergy throughout the year.

- Ambassadors are required to be past clients of Kinergy or have a clinical connection to Kinergy.

Adrienne Till, Ambassador

Adrienne has lived in Bristol all her life and runs women's stretch and roll classes in the city, aimed not only at keeping fit, but also to help with mindfulness, relaxation and personal wellbeing to help those experiencing anxiety and PTSD. She also runs martial arts classes for children.

I am a trauma survivor. That is how I came to know Kinergy, when I was looking for help/therapy. I got to see first hand what Kinergy does. At Kinergy I was given access to some group therapy sessions which is what I had been looking for and needed at the time - being able to sit in a room with other women who had been through the same kind of trauma or similar to me, sharing our stories, how it made us feel, talking through things, just listening - it helped a lot.

Kinergy is the only organisation at the time I was able to find that offered those kinds of sessions in a group setting, as well as the 1-2-1 therapy sessions they run. There is still limited services that offer this support in Bristol. I think it's essential that we get to keep this service at Kinergy running.

To be given the opportunity to become an Ambassador for Kinergy/to be able to work with them means that I can give something back in return for the support they gave me. I want to raise awareness of who they are and what they do. Because of their amazing work, the women they help and come into contact with are at the very core of why I devised and set up my own women's classes. I would also like to signpost any women to them who might need their support. 

Yes, that there is help and support out there. The first step is always going to be the hardest and that's asking for help. But knowing that you are not alone and that you can get the therapy that works for you. Whether that's group therapy or 1-2-1 sessions or having access to grief therapy sessions... knowing that there is a place to go for this... it can make all the difference.

Also, don't be afraid to go/think outside of the box with your trauma recovery. To help me with my panic attacks, my breathing and fear of confined spaces, I did a beginner's scuba diving course in a swimming pool through a local scuba school! It took me out of my comfort zone but what it helped me with was brilliant... After my trauma, I couldn't do eye contact. The scuba was absolutely brilliant for helping me with this.

Adrienne runs women's stretch and roll classes from The Healthy Living Centre at Knowle West Health Park on Thursday evenings from 7:30 - 8:30pm. The cost is £3 per session, or you can book a block of 10 sessions for £20.20. The classes are designed to help with relaxation, recovery from trauma, and are fibromyalgia friendly. You can download the flyer here. For more information, call: 07962 914 002.


Volunteer positions at Kinergy generally help to support day to day operations, fundraising and boosting awareness of Kinergy within the local area.

Volunteer activities can vary depending on the current needs of the charity but can include:
- Encouraging local organisations and companies to support Kinergy.
- Research and data input.
- Taking part in events and street collections.
- Delivering leaflets and promotional materials.
- Event promotion.
- General administration.

- This is for ad-hoc support with no set time commitment

- Excellent customer service skills, and communication skills.
- An interest in the charity sector and fundraising.
- Understanding of confidentiality.
- Understanding of the needs of vulnerable clients.
- Ability to complete induction training (other training may be offered where appropriate).

If you're interested in volunteering as part of Corporate Social Responsibility, get in touch today to see what opportunities we currently have available for you and your team.

Kinergy's Advisory Panel

Our Advisory Panel is made up of those with lived experience, helping to guide our service and the work we do, and to make improvements for future service users.

- Providing feedback and analysis of changes at Kinergy to ensure our service in continually developed to best support our service users.

- Due to current restructuring this is pending review and so currently to be confirmed. 

- To be on the Advisory Panel you must be a past client of Kinergy. 


Get in touch today by completing our contact form to express your interest in volunteering with us and we'll let you know what opportunities we currently have available.


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